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The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus asked Michigan State Police director to resign following her statement in which she defended the American flag and the military.

The 23 lawmakers demanded Gov. Rick Snyder to fire Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue if she refused to resign.

Etue wrote on her Facebook page condemning the players who protested the anthem calling them, “millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our armed forces and veterans” and “a bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, ungrateful, anti-American degenerates.”

NFL players and coaches last week protested the anthem by kneeling or not even appearing on the field during the national anthem, which resulted in even more drama surrounding the NFL.

Etue made those comments on her private Facebook page and only people who are her friends could see it. She defended her post on Tuesday when Progress Michigan asked her to resign.

“When such a high-ranking member of law enforcement feels compelled to share such broad, inaccurate, and shameful comments, their judgment can no longer be trusted to help protect Michigan’s diverse communities,” Lonnie Scott, the organization’s executive director, said. “Let’s set something straight: these protests are not about the flag or about veterans or the military, they are about speaking out against police brutality and injustice in communities of color across America. That is something that law enforcement should take to heart, not use to try to divide us further.”

Etue responded:

“It was a mistake to repost this meme on Facebook and I sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended. I will continue my focus on unity at the Michigan State Police and in communities across Michigan.”

“As a public servant, Col. Etue has great respect for the armed forces and those who fight to protect our freedoms,” a spokesperson for the colonel said to the Detroit Free Press, saying Etue’s post had nothing to do with race.

“Etue did not create the post,” Banner added. “It’s a meme that is posted in other places around the Internet,” she said.

Her post brought a lot of controversies, some Members of the Michigan Senate defended her and some called for her to step down:

“It is clear that Col. Etue does not understand the nature of the protests, nor respect the First Amendment rights of protesters,” Democratic Rep. Sheldon Neeley, the head of the Legislative Black Caucus, said. “This calls into question her ability and objectivity to lead the men and women in her department who are charged with not just enforcing laws, but also protecting and serving people of color … She’s not sorry for her position, just that she posted it.”

“How can she continue to do this job,” Democrat Sen. Vincent Gregory said. “If this had been an everyday officer, they would have been terminated. If we just let this go, what does this say about the state of Michigan, what does it say about the state police?”

But GOP Sen. Rick Jones stood up for her saying she has “worked hard for diversity.”

“Now she’s coming under fire for sharing a meme on her private Facebook page. She has the same first amendment rights as do the players who take a knee during the national anthem,” he continued.

Michigan’s governor also supported her and said Etue shouldn’t worry about her job.

“She has served with distinction as an outstanding public servant for decades,” Anna Heaton, Snyder’s spokesperson, said. “The Governor will not be asking her to resign.”

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      Yeah-Dat racist is Sheldon Neeley, head of the Afro Caucus. I am gwine to try an fine dat bruva on the Facebook so I can conversate wit him. Ya fill me!

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    FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation



    The FBI division overseeing the investigation of former President Trump’s handling of classified material at his Mar-a-Lago residence is also a focus of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the bureau’s alleged abuses of power and political bias during its years-long Russiagate probe of Trump.

    The FBI’s nine-hour, 30-agent raid of the former president’s Florida estate is part of a counterintelligence case run out of Washington – not Miami, as has been widely reported – according to FBI case documents and sources with knowledge of the matter. The bureau’s counterintelligence division led the 2016-2017 Russia “collusion” investigation of Trump, codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane.”

    Although the former head of Crossfire Hurricane, Peter Strzok, was fired after the disclosure of his vitriolic anti-Trump tweets, several members of his team remain working in the counterintelligence unit, the sources say, even though they are under active investigation by both Durham and the bureau’s disciplinary arm, the Office of Professional Responsibility. The FBI declined to respond to questions about any role they may be taking in the Mar-a-Lago case.

    In addition, a key member of the Crossfire team – Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten – has continued to be involved in politically sensitive investigations, including the ongoing federal probe of potentially incriminating content found on the abandoned laptop of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden, according to recent correspondence between the Senate Judiciary Committee and FBI Director Christopher Wray. FBI whistleblowers have alleged that Auten tried to falsely discredit derogatory evidence against Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign by labeling it Russian “disinformation,” an assessment that caused investigative activity to cease.

    Auten has been allowed to work on sensitive cases even though he has been under internal investigation since 2019, when Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred him for disciplinary review for his role in vetting a Hillary Clinton campaign-funded dossier used by the FBI to obtain a series of wiretap warrants to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Horowitz singled out Auten for cutting a number of corners in the verification process and even allowing information he knew to be incorrect slip into warrant affidavits and mislead the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court.

    In congressional testimony this month, Wray confirmed that “a number of” former Crossfire Hurricane team members are still employed at the bureau while undergoing disciplinary review. In the meantime, Wray has walled off the former Russiagate investigators only from participating in FISA wiretap applications, according to the sources.

    Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has asked Wray for copies of recent case files and reports generated by Auten and whether he is included among the team the FBI has assembled to determine which of the seized Trump records fall within the scope of its counterespionage investigation and which fall outside of it.

    Some former FBI officials worry that Auten, a top bureau expert on Russia and nuclear warfare, will have a hand in analyzing the boxes of documents agents seized from Trump’s home on Aug. 8 to help determine if any of the alleged Top Secret material he kept there might have been compromised, potentially putting national security at risk.

    “It is a disgrace that Auten is still even employed by the bureau,” said 27-year FBI veteran Michael Biasello. “I would substitute other analysts and agents.”

    An examination of the bureau agents involved in the Mar-a-Lago raid reveals other connections between them and FBI officials who played key roles in advancing the Russiagate hoax.

    Sources told RealClearInvestigations that Jay Bratt, the top counterintelligence official in Justice’s national security division, who happens to be a Democratic National Committee donor, has been coordinating the Mar-a-Lago investigation with Alan Kohler, who heads the FBI’s counterintelligence division.

    Kohler replaced Bill Priestap in that post after Priestap stepped down from the bureau amid criticism of his role in the Russiagate probe. Kohler had worked at FBI headquarters under Priestap, specializing in countering Russian intelligence threats.

    Before that, he worked in London as the FBI’s liaison with British intelligence and law enforcement. The sources say Kohler was close to Stefan Halper, an academic and longtime FBI contractor whom the bureau ran as an informant in a failed effort to suborn Trump campaign officials. He also worked closely with Stephen Somma, a lead case agent in the Crossfire Hurricane probe whom Horowitz said was “primarily responsible” for some of the worst misconduct in the FISA warrant abuse scandal. Somma is a counterintelligence investigator in the FBI’s New York field office, where he has been reassigned to the China desk.

    In 2019, Kohler was promoted to special agent in charge of the counterintelligence division at the FBI’s Washington field Office, where he worked alongside then-assistant agent-in-charge Timothy Thibault, who was reassigned by Wray just days prior to the Mar-a-Lago raid, after whistleblowers raised questions about political bias. They asserted that Thibault, who has taken aim at Trump and Republicans on social media, worked with Auten to falsely discredit evidence of alleged money laundering and other activities against Hunter Biden and prevent agents from investigating them.

    The Washington field office’s counterintelligence division is now run by Anthony Riedlinger, who previously worked at FBI headquarters as a section chief under Priestap. Some of the agents involved in the raid on Trump’s home came from that Washington field office, according to the sources and FBI case documents.

    Bratt, the top counterintelligence official at Justice, traveled to Mar-a-Lago in early June and personally inspected the storage facility while interacting with both Trump and one of his lawyers. Trump allowed the three FBI agents Bratt brought with him to open boxes in the storage room and look through them. They left with some documents. After leaving, Bratt made a request to Trump’s lawyer for increased security at the facility and asked to see surveillance footage from the security cameras. The lawyer complied with the requests. Months went by before the Justice Department took the politically explosive step of sending FBI agents unannounced to Trump’s home, seizing documents, photos, and other items not just from the storage facility but from multiple rooms on the property, including the former president’s office.

    Read full article.

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    Shots Fired on National Mall Near White House, 3 People Taken Into Custody



    Gunshots fired at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., resulted in the area’s closure early Friday morning.

    An armed juvenile and two adults were arrested after the gunshots, according to WRC-TV.

    The arrests were made on the 1600 block of Constitution Avenue, which separates the Ellipse south of the White House from the Washington Monument.

    U.S. Park Police, Secret Service and D.C. police officers responded to reports of shots fired around 1:15 a.m.

    No one was injured, but three unoccupied vehicles were reportedly struck with bullets.

    Secret Service personnel don’t believe any protected locations were in danger as a result of the gunshots.

    D.C. police indicated that multiple shooters were involved in the event and that at least two guns had been recovered, Fox News reported.

    The area of Constitution Avenue in question was closed off but ultimately reopened before 9 a.m.

    The circumstances surrounding the gunshots weren’t immediately clear.

    It’s not clear if the arrestees have been criminally charged as a result of the shooting.

    The Secret Service has taken action in response to shootings in the area of the White House before.

    A Secret Service agent escorted then-President Donald Trump out of the White House briefing room after an agency-involved shooting in August 2020.

    In that instance, the Secret Service shot a man who was acting aggressively outside of the White House perimeter, according to The Washington Post.

    The nation’s capital has a serious gun violence problem.

    Washington, D.C., saw 226 homicides in 2021, the most in 18 years, according to the Capital News Service.

    City officials have reportedly resorted to seeking advice on the problem from inmates at a district jail.

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    Alec Baldwin Responds to FBI Forensic Report Showing He Pulled Trigger in Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting



    Alec Baldwin took to social media Friday and hit back against the recent findings in an FBI report about the fatal shooting on the set of his movie “Rust” that left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead.

    In a post on Instagram, the 64-year-old actor shared that “the hammer was pulled back as far as it could go WITHOUT cocking the gun,” and that once again, there was “no trigger pull.” The comments came following ABC News’ article that the FBI forensic report found the gun could not be fired without pulling the trigger while the gun was cocked, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

    The actor shared a screenshot about the news report, which read: “Baldwin has repeatedly said that he pulled back the gun’s hammer as far as he could without cocking the gun and released the hammer — but did not pull the trigger.”

    “The most important part of this article is this first sentence,” the “Beetlejuice” star shared. “No one has ever maintained, on my part, that a cocked gun just went off without pulling a trigger. The gun was never cocked.”

    “Never,” he added. “The hammer was pulled back as far as it could go WITHOUT cocking the gun. When released, it caused the gun to fire. Not cocked.”

    “No trigger pull,” Baldwin continued. “Pull back hammer only…and release. Who put the live round in the gun?”

    During the “Saturday Night Live” star’s recent interview with former CNN host Chris Cuomo on his podcast, Baldwin repeated similar comments regarding not pulling the trigger.

    “If you pull the hammer back far enough … the hammer didn’t lock … it would fire the bullet without you pulling the trigger,” Baldwin explained.

    “The man who’s the principal safety officer of the set of the film declared the gun was safe when he handed it to me,” he added. “The man who was the principal safety officer of the film declared in front of the entire assemblage, ‘This is a cold gun.’”

    “Now, why did he say that if he didn’t know and hadn’t checked?” he added. “The point is we were told everything was cool and you can relax and we are working with a gun that is safe to rehearse with.”

    In October 2021, the “30 Rock” star was involved in the shooting of Hutchins on the New Mexico film set of his movie “Rust.” The firearm Baldwin was holding discharged a bullet, as reported.

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    WATCH: New Leaked Video Shows Finnish Prime Minister Grinding with Man That’s Not Her Husband



    New video released of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36, who is married and has a four-year-old daughter, shows her dancing at a party in an apparent intimate manner with a man who is not her husband.

    The new video follows an initial video from the same party that was released earlier this week and showed her dancing provocatively, catalyzing questions as to whether she was doing drugs. Marin denied that accusation, although partygoers could be heard chanting the slang name for cocaine at the party.

    Finnish tabloid Seiska posted the new video on Friday, revealing Marin in close contact and hugging a mystery man who is nuzzling her neck. One witness told Seiska that Marin was “clearly intoxicated” and “danced intimately with at least three different men,” adding that she “sat on the laps of two different men. … She acted like a single 20-something. It was hard to believe that she is married,” the New York Post reported.

    Marin had protested that she was not using drugs after a first video leaked showing her dancing wildly with her friends.

    Marin’s protestations came in response to people who asked whether she had taken drugs during the party, with Finnish MP Mikko Kärnäeven even asking her to take a drug test.

    “I have nothing to conceal or hide, and I haven’t done anything illegal,” she said on Thursday. “I still don’t know that anything illegal has happened. It would hardly be a police matter then.”

    “Personally, I did not take drugs, nor did I consume anything other than alcohol. I danced, sang, and partied — perfectly legal things. And I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve seen or known of others [using drugs],” she asserted.

    “In the leaked video footage, unidentified people are heard shouting about ‘flour,’ which is a slang term for cocaine in Finland,” The Telegraph noted.

    Marin said the videos came from a party that started in two apartments and continued in two bars.

    “Even there I sang, danced and hugged my friends and drank alcohol,” she admitted, adding, “These are private videos and are not intended for the public. … I’m still going to be friends with my friends.”

    “I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much the same as many people my age,” she told reporters, according to the BBC. “I am going to be exactly the same person as I have been until now and I hope that it will be accepted.”


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    Biden’s DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Man Who Twice Threatened to KILL Fox News Hosts



    A New York City man has been let off twice by federal prosecutors after he threatened numerous Fox News hosts, despite breaking an agreement drafted after his first encounter with prosecutors.

    In 2021, Jeffrey Rodriguez of New York City was arrested and charged with cyberstalking and threatening interstate communications after sending hundreds of vile messages to numerous Fox News hosts.

    He was given a pass under the condition that he adhered to a number of guidelines, however after breaking them, his prosecution was deferred yet again.

    According to the New York Post, when Rodriguez appeared in court the first time in May, Manhattan federal prosecutors wrote a deferred prosecution, but made him promise to follow a list of conditions for the next year, including a ban on social media posts about anyone at Fox News, and mandatory mental health treatment.

    Rodriguez went on to violate the conditions, tagging one of his alleged victims in a post on Instagram. He argued that he had stopped taking his medication at the time, but had since gotten back on it.

    Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses sought to commence with prosecution, however she was overruled by the US Attorney’s Office, who decided to let Rodriguez’s actions slide yet again.

    “You’ve been lucky thus far,” Moses told Rodriguez, adding that he “will not get another chance.”

    After learning from Rodriguez’s attorney that his behavior may have been influenced by a drinking problem, Moses ordered that he be subjected to random breathalyzer tests.

    As the Post reports, prior to sending threats to two unnamed Fox News hosts, Rodriguez was charged for stalking and harassing another, also unnamed.

    The complaint against him states that “the rate of his posts, comments, and direct messages directed toward Broadcasters – 2 and – 3, as well as the severity of his threats, increased drastically” in the months following his initial arrest.

    Rodriguez repeatedly threatened the hosts, whom he referred to as “Nazis,” saying he wanted to “skin [them] ALIVE.” He told one he would “split [their] top.”

    From March 2020 to December 2021, Rodriguez allegedly sent hundreds of menacing messages and posts to the broadcasters, and allegedly threatened two of their families and exposed information about where they live.

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    Berkeley Co-Op Bans White People from Common Areas to ‘Avoid White Violence and Presence’



    An off-campus housing co-op for University of California, Berkeley students bans white people from entering common spaces to “avoid white violence” — sparking criticism that the policy inflames racial tensions.

    The five-story, 30-room “Person of Color Theme House” near the school requires students to declare their race when signing in and to announce when they’re bringing white guests in to the building, according to house rules leaked on

    “Many POC moved here to be able to avoid white violence and presence, so respect their decision of avoidance if you bring white guests,” the rules declare. “White guests are not allowed in common spaces.”

    The building, which houses up to 56 students a few blocks from the university, also urges students to avoid bringing family members that “express bigotry,” according to the College Fix.

    “Queer, Black, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common spaces because of homophobic or racist parents/family members,” the rules state.

    The building was set up by the Berkeley Student Cooperative to bring affordable “housing to low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color” in the Bay Area.

    But some of the rules sparked outrage, with students saying they’re too aggressive and defy the spirit of inclusion.

    One mixed-race student, who claimed to have lived at the house, said that their “presence as a light skinned person was not received well” and that they were called slurs.

    ‘[I] was not allowed to let my dad enter the house because he’s white,” the student wrote on Reddit.

    Another former member wrote a Medium article saying the house had earned a reputation for its aggressive “call-out culture” and “lack of intersectionality.”

    Janet Gilmore, Senior Director of Strategic Communications at the University said the house is “not campus-operated” and that “it is not the role of the campus to comment,” according to the Daily Mail.

    She said the school’s theme programs have “no such policies like the one alleged in the Reddit image” and that they “do not discriminate on the basis of race, consistent with UC and campus policy.”

    “As this involves an off-campus non-affiliated landlord, the campus has no ability under the Code of Student Conduct to discipline the landlord,” she said.

    Adam Ratliff, Assistant Director of Media Relations and Critical Communications, told The Post the “co-op housing is not run by the university” and that it’s not the school’s role to comment.

    “To be clear, it is not campus operated. This property is operated by a private landlord, and it is not the role of the campus to comment on what private landlords are ‘allowed’ to do,” he said.

    He said the university’s housing programs “have no such policies like the one alleged in the Reddit image” and “do not discriminate on the basis of race, consistent with UC and campus policy.”

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    Biological Male Allegedly Assaulted Girl in FL School Bathroom, Florida Education Department Takes Action



    The Florida Department of Education is ordering schools to alert parents if their children are forced to use bathrooms with students of the opposite sex following allegations that a biologically male transgender student sexually assaulted a girl in a Florida public school bathroom.

    “We find this allegation deeply disturbing and troubling. Clearly, if Brevard Public Schools had commonsense policies that separate bathrooms and locker rooms by biological sex at birth, this incident would not have been possible,” Alex Lanfranconi, Director Of Communications at the Florida Department of Education, told The Daily Wire on Thursday afternoon.

    “Unfortunately, some districts choose wokeness over the safety of their students,” Lanfranconi said. “The Florida Department of Education will continue to take all steps within its power to protect parental rights and student safety by developing rules that will notify parents if their children are at risk of exposure to these types of situations.”

    The statement comes after Republican Florida State Rep. Randy Fine publicized reports of an alleged transgender sexual assault incident at Brevard Public Schools.

    “We should be able to trust Brevard Government Schools to put our children first,” Fine said in a Facebook post. “To not hide criminal activity that hurts our children. Brevard Government Schools should have openly and transparently addressed the concerns of these parents. But they refused, and even worse, gaslighted the public when I brought the issue to light.”

    “We should not be surprised,” he continued, “they believe boys should use the girls’ bathroom.”

    Parents who reported the incident to Fine initially said that the incident occurred at Johnson Middle School, the state lawmaker said, sparking strong denials from school officials. But Fine told The Daily Wire in a phone interview on Thursday that in actuality, the alleged incident took place at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School.

    Brevard Public Schools spokesperson Russell Bruhn initially denied Fine’s reports, saying, “There was no attack. No victim, no witness, no parents coming forward, nothing. Rep. Fine owes our staff at Johnson Middle School an apology for making this baseless allegation.”

    But on Thursday, Fine obtained and publicized redacted police case reports indicating that a girl had told someone with an office at the school that she was sexually assaulted by a transgender student on June 20.

    The biologically male student denied touching the girl’s breasts, according to the case report, but admitted to being in the bathroom with her.

    That unnamed person named in the police report then reported the incident to police on June 21, according to the documents, which made clear that officials at the school (specifically Vice Principal Peter Andy Papczynski) were aware of the alleged incident as early as June.

    Bruhn told The Daily Wire on Thursday afternoon that “the incident at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School was reported by the school to the Sheriff’s Office, Florida DCF and our Title IX partner.”

    “All three investigated the claims and all three closed their cases with no action,” he said. “What was described in the Sheriff’s Office report is an incident that lead to no charges being filed. My quotes were in reference to a false allegation that a student had been raped at a different school.”

    Bruhn also said that the district was aware of the incident at the time he made the remarks denying an incident at Johnson Middle School, but said they could not discuss the case without “violating FERPA, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.”

    “And again, the actual case and the fabricated cases are different,” he added.

    According to the partially redacted Brevard County Sheriff’s office case report, on June 20, 2022 around noon, the biologically male transgender student allegedly went into the women’s restroom at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High school and “fondled” the female student’s breasts “against her will and without her permission.”

    Fine said in a letter to the Florida Department of Education that the biological male was taking advantage of “the open bathrooms policy championed by School Board Chairwoman Misty Belford and fellow School Board Member Jennifer Jenkins.”

    “She has told him previously to stop touching her and she wanted to press charges because she felt violated,” the case report said, noting that the female student “advised she does not feel comfortable using the same bathroom with the transgender male.”

    Brevard County Sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Wire.

    According to Fine, the parents who have inquired into the matter have been “stonewalled at every turn.”

    Fine insisted in his Facebook post that “this isn’t someone else’s problem.”

    “It is our own,” he said. “It is why I personally feel each parent’s fear and anger when they come to me. I am a politician last. I am a parent first. They can attack me all they want, but I will never stop fighting for my children – and yours. Never.”

    Florida’s new rule, which will be announced Thursday evening, places new policies for parental notification regarding the designation of bathrooms and locker rooms. Under that rule, any policies adopted by a school district for bathrooms and locker rooms must firstly ensure the health, safety, and welfare of Florida’s students, be consistent with the state’s Parental Bill of Rights, and protect the privacy of education records and the privacy of students and parents.

    The state’s Board of Education rules supersede any district policies, a spokesman said.

    “If a school district has a policy that allows for separation of bathrooms or locker rooms according to some criteria other than biological sex at birth, the policy must be posted on the district’s website to fully inform parents,” the rule states.

    It also requires that the policy must include a “method of student supervision provided for locker rooms, for example a coach or aide,” such as “which locker rooms are not separated by biological sex at birth,” and “which bathrooms are not separated by biological sex at birth.”

    “District policies must include accommodations or modifications in order to ensure that all students have a comparable opportunity to use a bathroom or locker room separated by biological sex at birth,” the rule adds.

    “For me, education policy is not political,” Fine said in a Facebook post that included screenshots of the case report. “It is personal. I live it every day with two boys who live inside that education system. I am a government school graduate; both my parents taught at government schools. The arc of my life could never have happened without the education I received from extraordinary teachers.”

    “But I stay up at night worried that our children today aren’t getting the education I did,” he continued. “My family was forced to engage in mandatory mask COVID theater by school board members who refused to wear them at the grocery store, the gym, and at their private parties. My family has to worry about critical race theory, transgender ideology, and pronoun idiocy working its way into education.”

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