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As the holidays are nearing, Donald Trump and his supporters are preparing to once again face off against Hillary Clinton and liberals galore.

This video shows, during a wonderful Christmas theme, Trump doing away with much of the Democrats’ mistakes, especially Obama’s.

They play the song made popular by Andy Williams in the 60’s. It also shows a clip from the famous Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. They have George Bailey beg Donald Trump to make America great again.

The video was created by the entertainer Dana Kamide, a talented artist who creates lyrics and videos for entertainment.

Anyone who is tired of the Democrats’ control will love this. It’s the perfect catharsis for the last eight years, during which our economy has suffered as well as our communities and our jobs. Obama likes to brag that he was a “pretty good” president, but he’s not convincing anyone.

Obama has crushed this country, has made little effort to control the border between Mexico and the United States, and has held more sympathy for refugees from the Middle East than the homeless and destitute in this country.

He tried to solve our problems with his “affordable” healthcare, which is now crumbling under its own weight. Many people have exponentially higher payments and are unable to keep their insurance companies, plans, or even their preferred doctor.

However, the main problem with the Democrats is that they stifle freedom of speech and dismiss all dissenting opinions instead of actually having a discussion. If they could get rid of free will, I imagine they would do it in a heartbeat.

Luckily, we have elected Donald Trump as the next president. Liberals are furious that they didn’t get their way, so they’re crying, complaining, and rioting in the streets. When that didn’t work, now they are trying for a recount.

This makes them look like giant hypocrites because Hillary Clinton said it was “appalling” to contest the results of the election. If I had a dollar for every time Hillary Clinton lied or changed her view on something to gain more support, I would be a very rich person. Of course, most general liberals are hypocrites. They protest against violence and then commit violence themselves.

They were opposed to a recount only when they were confident Hillary Clinton would win, but now that she’s sitting in the loser’s circle, they’re pretending they always felt that recounts were an essential part of our system. All I want for Christmas is for liberals to go home! Trump and the Republican party won the election, and liberals need to suck it up and deal with it.

  • Joanne Miller says:

    I hope they do get a recount on camera. It will expose democrat judges at the polls stuffing ballot boxes and allowing illegals, convicts, the dead, and others who do not have the right to vote, to casts ballots. Suddenly, Hillary will not have the popular vote, and she will be known as the cheating candidate.

  • peter morgan says:

    Theses liberal scum have BLOCKED the transference of the video to FaceBook, claiming it’s offensive, if you CAN BELIEVE THAT??

  • News

    Actress Anne Heche Boozed in Podcast Dropped Hours Before Horrific Crash



    Anne Heche was reportedly drinking vodka and downing wine coolers in a podcast dropped hours before the actress drove her vehicle into a garage of an apartment building, reversed, and then drove into a Los Angeles home, setting it ablaze.

    Heche sustained severe burns on her body and was said to be in stable condition as of one day after the crash.

    “We each have a bottle in front of us because our friends sent us a bottle Re:Find!” the actress reportedly said on the “Better Together” podcast. Re:Find is a type of vodka. “And we are drinking it — with wine chasers,” Heche later added.

    The “Six Days Seven Nights” actress was apparently slurring her words throughout the podcast, according to TMZ reporting. She also told listeners she was “rocked” by a “very bad day” and alluded to suffering “no good, very bad days.”

    TMZ reported that the podcast was posted hours before Heche drove into the Los Angeles home.

    The actress’ publicist has insisted the podcast was taped in advance, the New York Post noted.

    The Post added that a bottle of Re:Find vodka appears to be in a photo of Heche’s busted vehicle.

    In video obtained by TMZ, Heche’s blue Mini Cooper is seen near a garage of an apartment complex, and it seems the actress is speaking to residents of the complex. A male voice repeatedly asks Heche to get out of the car, and the actress responds, “no, sir,” video suggests.

    The vehicle in the video then reverses and speeds off.

    Video from a home security camera shows the Mini Cooper flying at high speeds down a street before the fiery crash into a home.

    Roy Morgen, a man who witnessed the crash, says the woman who rents the home, identified as Lynne Mishele, barely made it out alive, according to CBS News. The actress barreled into the room the woman was sitting in.

    “She couldn’t get to the person in the car she told me, cause of all the damage,” Morgen told CBSLA. “All the things that collapsed, she was stuck sort of in the back part of the house.”

    The woman who owns the home was too emotional to speak on camera, but told CBSLA through tears that she’s devastated for her tenant.

    A GoFundMe for Mishele has since been started by her neighbors.

    “Lynne lives with her beautiful pups Bree and Rueban, and tortoise Marley in the Mar Vista home that was destroyed this week by a car driving into the home at a high rate of speed, catching the house on fire,” neighbors John and Jennifer Durands posted. “Lynne and her family very narrowly escaped physical harm, and for that we are very, very grateful.”

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    Cheney Takes Shot at DeSantis; Admits She Likes Working with Democrats More Than Republicans



    Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) took a shot at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in an interview with The New York Times published Sunday where she also admitted that she liked to work with her Democrat colleagues more than her Republican ones.

    Cheney said that she “would find it very difficult” to support DeSantis in a general election against a Democrat if DeSantis becomes the 2024 GOP nominee for president.

    “I think that Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous,” Cheney said.

    Cheney also said that she prefers working with her Democrat women in Congress than Republican women.

    “I would much rather serve with Mikie Sherrill and Chrissy Houlahan and Elissa Slotkin than Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, even though on substance certainly I have big disagreements with the Democratic women I just mentioned,” Cheney said. “But they love this country, they do their homework and they are people that are trying to do the right thing for the country.”

    The report noted that Cheney’s chances of holding onto her seat in the upcoming primary election next week are slim at best as polls show Cheney losing to primary challenger Harriet Hageman by more than 20 points.

    Cheney recently told CNN that she does not expect to lose in her primary race but that losing may end up being the price that she pays for standing up to Trump.

    “If the cost of standing up for the Constitution is losing the House seat, then that’s a price I’m willing to pay,” Cheney said.

    Some Republicans who might agree with Cheney’s goals have stated that she is going about trying to achieve them the wrong way.

    “It depends on if you want to go out in a blaze of glory and be ineffective or if you want to try to be effective,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said. “I respect her but I wouldn’t have made the same choice.”

    DeSantis blasted Cheney back in February over her work in targeting her own party by working with Democrats on the January 6 committee.

    “Cheney is totally off the rails with her nonsense,” DeSantis said. “And I think she’s not really a Republican in terms of what she’s doing. We want people that are going to fight the left. And that’s what we need to do in this country.”

    “That’s what we’re doing in Florida, standing up for people’s freedoms,” DeSantis continued. “We’re opposing wokeness. We’re opposing all these things. To act like the main issue in this country is things that happened over a year ago, I can tell you in Florida that’s not what Floridians are concerned about. They’re concerned about inflation and gas prices.”

    “So I think focusing on the issues and showing that we stand for things that matter to people is the way forward,” DeSantis concluded. “To have a vendetta against Donald Trump and to constantly be bringing this up is just not something that I think Republican voters are interested in.”

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    WATCH: Pink Floyd Founder Doules Down on Decision to Call Biden a ‘War Criminal’ in Wild CNN Interview



    Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters believes Joe Biden is a ‘war criminal’ who is ‘fueling the fire in Ukraine.’

    Waters, 78, who is currently on a solo tour, branded Biden with the provocative title during a montage played at his rock show.

    The British musician got into a heated debate with CNN host Michael Smerconish over the weekend after the journalist questioned Waters’ decision to include Biden in the provocative segment of his show.

    Waters justified including Biden in his war criminal montage by saying the US president committed a ‘huge crime’ by not encouraging Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to negotiate and put an end to ‘this horrific, horrendous war.’

    The pair also argued over America’s role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as the ongoing tension between China and Taiwan.

    Waters believes the US has overstepped by involving itself in these foreign affairs and is pushing ‘liberator propaganda.’

    Amid his highly political This Is Not a Drill Tour, Waters sat down with Smerconish to discuss the messages depicted during the concert.

    The CNN host began the interview by probing Waters about the ‘war criminal’ label he slapped Biden with.

    ‘Well, he’s fueling the war in the Ukraine,’ the Pink Floyd co-founder responded. ‘That is a huge crime. Why won’t the United States of America encourage Zelensky to negotiate, obviating the need for this horrific, horrendous war?’

    Smerconish hit back, accusing Waters of ‘blaming the party who got invaded,’ however the musician countered by accusing NATO of forcing Russia’s hand.

    ‘Well, any war, when did it start? What you need to do is look at the history, and you can say, ‘Well, it started on this day.” You could say it started in 2008,’ Waters argued.

    ‘This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border, which they promised they wouldn’t do when [Mikhail] Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the USSR from the whole of Eastern Europe.’

    Smerconish suggested the US has a history of taking on the role of global ‘liberator,’ which Waters immediately dismissed.

    ‘You got into World War II because of Pearl Harbor. You were completely isolationists,’ the musician alleged.

    ‘Thank god the Russians had already won the bloody war by then. Twenty-three million Russians died, protecting you and me from the Nazi menace.’

    He also addressed the ongoing conflict between China and Taiwan, which saw heightened tensions after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a surprise visit to the self-ruled island nation.

    Pelosi issued support for the nation and vowed China ‘would not isolate Taiwan’ by preventing US officials from traveling there. Her remarks came as Beijing increased its military intimidation and launched ballistic missiles towards Taiwan.

    ‘I would suggest that you… go away and read a bit more, and try to figure out what the US would do if the Chinese were putting nuclear armed missiles into Mexico and Canada,’ Waters told Smerconish.

    The journalist hit back: ‘The Chinese are too busy encircling Taiwan as we speak.’

    Waters, unamused by the response, said: ‘Taiwan is part of China. That has been absolutely accepted by the whole of international community since 1948. If you don’t know that you aren’t reading enough.

    ‘You are believing your side’s propaganda. You can’t have a conversation about human rights and Taiwan without actually doing the reading.’

    ‘The Chinese didn’t invade Iraq and kill a million people in 2013,’ Waters added. ‘Who have the Chinese invaded and slaughtered?’

    ‘Their own,’ Smerconish replied, seemingly referring to the Uyghurs and other mostly-Muslim populations that Beijing has placed in ‘re-education camps,’ subjected forced sterilization and forced label.

    Waters slammed Smerconish’s response, saying: ‘Bullocks! That’s absolute nonsense! Absolute nonsense!’

    The musician’s comments sparked backlash on Twitter, with many suggesting his allegations were completely ridiculous.

    ‘What the Division Bell is Roger Waters on?’ Alex Bristow, deputy director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Defense, Strategy and National Security Program tweeted. ‘He’s clearly been living on The Dark Side of the Moon.

    ‘Taiwan has never been ruled by communist China.’

    Lahav Harkov, Diplomatic Correspondent at The Jerusalem Post, said: ‘Rule of thumb: Anything Roger Waters says about geopolitics is wrong.’

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    Ohio Man Executes 4 Neighbors – Posts Insane Facebook Rant Claiming They Used ‘Telepathy’ to Control Him



    A convicted burglar was arrested late Saturday night after he executed four of his neighbors over ‘mind control.’

    Stephen Marlow, 39, fatally shot four of his neighbors in Butler Township, Ohio before fleeing to Kansas where he was arrested by the FBI.

    It is unclear if Marlow knew his victims personally.

    Marlow posted a Facebook rant before the murders and accused his victims of using telepathy to control his mind.

    “I will be launching the first counter-attack against mind control in human history,” Marlow said in a video message addressed to his family.

    “I want to be very clear, this will not be an active shooter event. I will be executing some of the people responsible for activating active shooters,” he said. “If I happen to survive, please visit me in prison, only to see the same man you’ve almost known. I will gladly die to expose this.”

    “If I can help another targeted individual fight back against telepathy, then the sacrifice will be worth it,’ he added.



    Marlow murdered Clyde Knox, 82, and wife Eva Knox, 78.

    Marlow also executed Sarah Anderson 41, and her 15-year-old daughter Kayla.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    A convicted burglar was arrested for murdering an elderly couple, a mother and her 15 year-old daughter then taking to Facebook to claim they’d been controlling his mind by using telepathy.

    Stephen Marlow ranted after he allegedly killed Clyde Knox, 82, Knox’s wife Eva, 78, Sarah Anderson, 41, and Anderson’s daughter Kayla, 15, in Butler Township, Ohio on Friday.

    Officers were called to the Ohio neighborhood shortly before noon Friday on a report of shots fired and found four victims with gunshot wounds at multiple crime scenes, police said.

    The Dayton Daily News reported that the victims were found in two separate homes where they lived, near the home owned by Marlow’s parents.

    All four victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

    The Knoxes had shared 60 years of marriage at the time of their death, according to an obituary, while a Go Fund Me page has raised nearly $34,000 for the funeral costs of the Andersons.

    Police had warned anyone seeing Marlow, who had fled, to ‘not approach him as he is still likely to be armed and dangerous.’

    Porter called the shootings ‘the first violent crime in this neighborhood in recent memory’ and said investigators were trying to determine a motive and whether ‘mental illness played any role.’

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    Chairman of the Lancet’s COVID Commission ‘Pretty Convinced’ Pandemic’s Origin from ‘US Lab Biotechnology’



    The chairman of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission has come forward to say that he is “pretty convinced” that the pandemic’s origin is from “U.S. lab biotechnology.” He also warns that even more dangerous research is happening right now – which could be why governments don’t seem to be interested in investigating the origins of COVID-19.

    Jeffrey Sachs is the director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, the president of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, winner of the 2015 Blue Planet Prize, a best-selling author, and a Chairman of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission.

    In November 2020, Sachs assembled a task force for the prestigious medical journal to determine the origins of COVID-19. He hand-selected Dr. Peter Daszak – the president of EcoHealth Alliance – to be the chairman of the task force. However, Daszak recused himself from the investigation in June 2021, following accusations of a conflict of interest.

    Daszak had deep ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars of National Institutes of Health funding to the Chinese lab. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Daszak has vehemently argued that COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease that jumped from animals to humans. Furthermore, he vociferously argued that suggesting that COVID-19 originated from a lab leak is a baseless conspiracy theory.

    By September 2021, the task force organized by the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission was disbanded because of EcoHealth’s conflict-of-interest issues.

    Sachs said at the time, “I just didn’t want a task force that was so clearly involved with one of the main issues of this whole search for the origins, which was EcoHealth Alliance.”

    Last week, Sachs told Current Affairs that he appointed Daszak to the task force dedicated to discovering the origins of COVID-19 because he said to himself, “Well, here’s a guy who is so connected, he would know.”

    Sachs added, “And then I realized he was not telling me the truth. And it took me some months, but the more I saw it, the more I resented it.”

    Sachs revealed that he disbanded the task force because other members were “part of this thing.”

    He noted that the NIH had been hiding documents from the public – which were later revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request. Emails exposed by a FOIA request revealed that officials with the NIH and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases were concerned that EcoHealth could be conducting gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan lab.

    Sachs noted that Daszak should have informed him that EcoHealth Alliance was “manipulating the viruses.”

    Sachs said that he requested a research proposal from Daszak, but the EcoHealth head allegedly balked, “No, my lawyer says I can’t give it to you.”

    A video went viral last month featuring Sachs proclaiming that “after two years of intensive work,” he is “pretty convinced” that COVID-19 originated from “U.S. lab biotechnology, not out of nature.”

    “So it’s a blunder in my view of biotech, not an accident of a natural spillover,” he said. “We don’t know for sure, I should be absolutely clear.”

    Sachs noted, “But there’s enough evidence that it should be looked into. And it’s not being investigated, not in the United States, not anywhere. And I think for real reasons that they don’t want to look underneath the rug.”

    In the interview with Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson, Sachs suggested that scientists were “creating a narrative” of COVID’s origins early in the pandemic by collectively claiming that COVID-19 naturally originated from the Wuhan wet market without definitive evidence.

    Sachs asked, “Did we find an animal? No. Do we have an explanation of where that furin cleavage site came in? No. We don’t have an explanation of the timing, which doesn’t quite look right.”

    He accused health officials and the media of pulling a “kind of misdirection” since February 2020.

    Sachs believes the laboratory hypothesis is “very plausible.”

    “The alternative that is the right one to look at is part of a very extensive research program that was underway from 2015 onward, funded by the NIH, by Tony Fauci, in particular NIAID, and it was to examine the spillover potential of SARS-like viruses,” Sachs told Robinson.

    Sachs suggested that COVID-19 may have come from gain-of-function research, “There was a lot of research underway in the United States and China on taking SARS-like viruses, manipulating them in the laboratory, and creating potentially far more dangerous viruses.”

    “We know that at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the scientists there had been trained by American scientists to use advanced bioengineering methodologies,” Sachs explained. “And in particular, we have scientists in North Carolina, Texas, and so forth who do this kind of research, believe in it, argue for it, and say that they don’t want any regulations on it and so on. And they were in close contact with Wuhan Institute of Virology, and they were part of a joint research group that was stitched together by something called EcoHealth Alliance.”

    Sachs described EcoHealth Alliance as a “vehicle for funding from the U.S. government, especially from the National Institutes of Health, and especially from Tony Fauci’s unit, the NIAID.”

    Sachs said Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIH “haven’t shown us anything” about possible research at the Wuhan lab.

    “So you saw a narrative being created,” he continued. “And the scientists are not acting like scientists. Because when you’re acting like a scientist, you’re pursuing alternative hypotheses.”

    Robinson asked Sachs why governments aren’t vigorously investigating the origins of a disease that has killed more than 6.4 million people in less than three years.

    Sachs responded, “There are at least two reasons why they might be doing what they’re doing. One is, as you say, the implications are huge. Imagine if this came out of a lab. And we have, by some estimates, about 18 million dead worldwide from this. That’s not the official count. But that’s the estimated excess mortality from COVID. Well, the implications of that—the ethical, the moral, the geopolitical—everything is enormous.”

    The chairman of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission added, “But there’s a second matter that is really important, too. One thing that is rather clear to me is that there is so much dangerous research underway right now under the umbrella of biodefense or other things that we don’t know about, that is not being properly controlled.”

    He suggested that governments could be saying, “Don’t poke your nose into that.”

    On Saturday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said, “The fact that virtually no one in Washington DC wants to investigate the origins of COVID-19 should tell you all you need to know about the origins of COVID-19.”

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    JUSTICE: Vigilantes Burn ‘Pedophile’ Alive After He Was Accused of Rape and Murder of Girl, 6



    A lynch mob burned a suspected pedophile alive after he was accused of raping and killing a six-year-old girl in a gruesome act of jungle justice.

    Alfredo Roblero was accused of killing and raping the child, named locally as Jarid.

    He was then beaten and tied to a big red pole where he sits and is berated by the mob in the small village near Cacahoatan, southern Mexico.

    They then throw him onto the grass and kick him in the head before his hands are again tied as he struggles.

    Petrol was poured over his body and set alight.

    The last of three sickening video clips shows the moment Roblero is thrown across the dirt and grass, beaten while on the ground, tied and burned alive in a garden.

    The brutal clip shows the hogtied man writhing around in a blue hoody and jeans as three-foot-high yellow flames eat his body.

    He can be heard shrieking and screaming in agony above the crowds’ whistles and jeers as they watch him suffer and die.

    The girl’s aunt allegedly tried to take the suspect to the police beforehand, but the angry mob of villagers told her that he was not going to leave the community alive.

    Jarid was reported as missing on Thursday and her body was found the next day.

    Police later arrived at the scene but were unable to save the suspect’s life.

    The authorities in Chiapas said in a statement that citizens are not allowed to take matters into their own hands and vowed to open an ongoing investigation into the suspect’s death.

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    Women’s ‘LGBT’ Football Team with Trans Player Beats Finals Opponent by Eight Goals



    Outrage has hit the Irish sporting world after a women’s “LGBT” football team with a trans player beat their finals opponent by eight goals.

    A so-called LGBT women’s football team, which included at least one trans player, has sparked outrage after it won the finals of a competition by beating its opponent by a devasting eight-goal margin.

    The event has now sparked significant controversy within the Irish sporting world at a time when many sporting bodies have implemented bans on transgender players who are born as men from taking part in women’s competitions.

    According to a report by the Irish Independent, pro-LGBT Gaelic football team Na Gaeil Aeracha swept their opponents Na Fianna’s ladies E team in the Dublin Junior J Shield football final.

    Na Fianna’s coach is reported to have approached the referee before the game to query the presence of the transgender player, whom the publication names as Italian national Giulia Valentino.

    The match official reportedly also stopped the match after the first break in play to tell the Na Gaeil Aeracha captain that there was “a problem with your number 21 [player]” and that “the player is a man”.

    The captain is reported to have told the referee that Valentino was a transwoman, but the referee replied that “this is the Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association”.

    Despite his own protests, however, the game appears to have continued with Valentino’s on-and-off presence, with Na Gaeil Aeracha reportedly romping to victory with an eight-goal lead — an improvement over the team’s four-goal victory in their semi-final match.

    The Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association — the official body that regulates the playing of women’s Gaelic football matches — has since announced that it is developing a policy around the presence of transgender athletes in matches.

    According to the Irish Independent report, Valentino has had a history of being an “outspoken proponent for transgender people being allowed to play sports in the gender they choose”.

    The ex-rugby player, who switched to GAA after picking up an injury, is also reportedly said to have been keen on playing in a women’s sport “because of sisterhood, validation and political visibility; as a trans woman those things are very important to me”.

    However, while Valentino may be keen on playing both with and against women, many sporting bodies have since proven to be far less fond of the idea, with some banning transgender individuals from playing in women’s games.

    For example, international bodies for both Rugby League and Rugby Union games have banned transwomen from playing women’s rugby, with both bodies citing concerns for player welfare.

    “Transgender women may not currently play women’s rugby,” a post on World Rugby’s website says. “Why? Because of the size, force- and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks this creates.”

    The post also notes that some have argued that testosterone suppression could be used to enable trans players to compete by removing their advantages, but the body has outright rejected this.

    “Research contradicts this, consistently showing that total mass, muscle mass and/or strength are reduced by at most 5 per cent to 10 per cent when testosterone is suppressed to levels in the female range, for a period of 12 months,” the body writes.

    “With the additional factor of training, either before or during the period of testosterone suppression, it is expected that baseline/pre levels for these variables will be higher, and that training will attenuate the decline in these variables with testosterone reduction.”

    “The consequence is that given the size of the biological differences prior to testosterone suppression, this comparatively small effect of testosterone reduction allows substantial and meaningful differences to remain,” the website goes on to state.

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