Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders responded to criticisms included in Hillary Clinton’s new memoir on Thursday, slamming the former democratic nominee over accusations he “stole” her ideas, asking “Does anybody really believe that?”

Sanders fired-back at Clinton during an interview on MSNBC, responding to Hillary’s accusations that the liberal Senator made impossible campaign promises and “stole” her “bold and progressive” policy proposals.

“I.e. Bernie Sanders just stole all of Hillary Clinton’s ideas. Does anybody really believe that?” asked Sanders. “The truth is, and the real story is, that the ideas that we brought forth during that campaign –which was so crazy and so radical- have increasingly become mainstream.”

“I talked about a $15 an hour minimum wage, Hillary did not. You know what? We got 31 cosponsors on legislation for $15 an hour minimum wage. We talked about a trillion-dollar infrastructure. We talked about making healthcare a right of all people through Medicare for all. Medicare for all is becoming mainstream within the democratic party,” he added.

“What I’m saying is that many of the ideas that we talked about that Secretary Clinton and others said, ‘Oh, this is too far out,’ they are the ideas that are sweeping America that most Americans now support,” said the Senator.

Watch Bernie respond to Clinton above.