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Former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling suffered every parent’s worst nightmare when his 19-year-old son, Eric Chase Bolling, mysteriously died this week.

Police are investigating the cause of death. Eric Jr., who was a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, was found dead in his bed at his apartment on September 8. The shocking news came just hours after Bolling was fired by Fox News amid sexual harassment allegations.

Initial reports claimed the teen committed suicide from a possible drug overdose, but Bolling said the cause of death is still unknown. Eric Jr. was said to be extremely upset over his dad’s firing.

“There is no sign of self harm at this point,” Bolling tweeted. “Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

While Bolling’s legion of loyal fans and friends expressed condolences over the loss of his only child, soulless liberals gleefully celebrated the tragedy.

Before the body of young Eric Jr. has turned cold, evil leftists gloated that his grieving father “deserved” this. What kind of vile human being thinks such things — let alone says them out loud?

While Bolling’s fans and even some in liberal media extended their condolences to Bolling on the loss of his son, there were still some leftists who couldn’t refrain from being evil and hateful.

Bolling denied the accusations, and filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Yashar Ali, a freelance writer for the Huffington Post and New York magazine who broke the story. It’s unknown if there are any recent allegations against Bolling, or why his accusers decided to come forward now instead of years ago, when the incident supposedly occurred.

Former Fox News contributor Michelle Fields vouched for Bolling amid false reports that she was one of his accusers. “Eric Bolling was nothing but professional when I worked w/him,” she tweeted.

Eric Bolling was known to be a loving and devoted father. Over the years, he spoke proudly of his only child on Twitter and Facebook.

Eric Bolling’s social media reveals how devoted he was to his son and how proud he was of him.

The fact that people would go after him at this time is just despicable.

  • Molly Weston says:

    You, Mr. Bolling, showed so much love for your son on the air. I have rarely seen a man so proud of his child. You were always so respectful of your family and it came through with such grace and honor. I am so sad for you and your wife and can only imagine the grief and void you are feeling. My heart aches for you and I so hope prayers from many help ease some of your sadness. Please come back on the air too; your intelligence and wisdom are sorely missed. All the best in the future, only good things!!!!

  • Cathy says:

    Dems accuse conservatives all the time of some type of sexual harassment. They use the same playbook on dems that have gone off the plantation. People are no longer falling for the boy that cried wolf. The dems love destroying people’s lives. I think the same playbook should be played on the democrats where all the corrupt people are and where all the true racists are as well.

  • jjg says:

    the hatred towards eric bolling reinforces my hatred towards leftys.if the day of reckoning comes i wont beat my foe i will ensure the ability to exist will be swift and final for them !

  • ellison young says:

    How can anyone be so cruel .Do you wonder if this is more fake news about Eric and o”Riley?
    They were very supportive of Trump? Things are starting to smell fishy ?? To say Erick is getting what he deserves his sons death is down right cruel. These people should watch out for karma??

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    Leaked Email Alleges Katie Hobbs, Twitter Employees Colluded To Censor ‘Election Related Misinformation’



    Internal email documents at Twitter reveal Arizona Governor-elect and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs allegedly colluded with former Twitter officials last year by flagging accounts related to so-called election misinformation.

    The bombshell leak comes amid Elon Musk releasing internal company communications through journalist Matt Taibbi late last week, showing the company had previously censored conservatives at the behest of the Democrat Party.

    According to an email on January 7, 2021, the communications director for Hobbs’ Secretary of State office emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a 501 nonprofit cybersecurity organization, saying they are “flagging” an unidentified Twitter profile for review under the subject line titled “Election Related Misinformation.”

    The email also included an unknown employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch under the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security.

    A representative with CIS then forwarded the message to a Twitter employee, saying, “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

    The Twitter employee then sent another email saying, “Thank you … both tweets have been removed from the service.”

    Hobbs recently defeated Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake by less than one point in the 2022 midterm elections.

    Arizona officials — including Arizona’s current governor Doug Ducey, the state attorney general, and chief justice — are set to certify Hobbs as the Copper State’s 24th governor based on the election result submitted by the state’s 15 counties.

    Lake, who has yet to concede to her opponent based on allegations of election fraud, called the email leaks a “Conflict of Interest, Coercion, Corruption.”

    She reportedly plans to sue Maricopa County — Arizona’s largest county — next week to overturn her election loss.

    In a video she posted on social media, Lake said, “stay tuned,” adding her lawsuit includes “at least one smoking gun” whistleblower and a “team of patriotic, talented lawyers on a legal case to challenge the botched elections.”

    “And you’ll want to stay tuned for this one,” she said. “Trust me.”

    With the latest email leak from Musk and Taibbi’s “Twitter Files” alleging Hobbs and the federal government conspired with Twitter, other lawmakers have called for an investigation into the governor-elect.

    Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Twitter, “SOS of AZ and Gov candidate, Katie Hobbs, used the power of the AZ SOS to collude w/ Twitter to unconstitutionally violate 1st Amendment rights of Americans for her own political gain.”

    “This is communism and Hobbs can not be governor. I’m calling for a Federal investigation,” she added.

    Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls on Friday called on Musk to release the names of government officials involved in censorship at Twitter.

    “Investigations are coming,” Nehls said.

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    Lara Trump Out as Fox News Contributor



    Fox News has ended the paid contributor role of Lara Trump, the wife of former president Donald Trump’s son, Eric, following the announcement of her father-in-law’s re-election campaign.

    The network confirmed Saturday that the former president’s daughter-in-law will no longer be a paid employee at the network, the Los Angeles Times first reported. Trump joined the network as a paid contributor in March 2021, two months after her father-in-law left office.

    “We appreciate Lara’s valuable contributions across Fox News Media programming,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Her departure came in compliance with the network’s protocol, which states it cannot employ figures running for office or with close connections to candidates. Fox News executive chairman Rupert Murdoch has also publicly expressed his opposition to her father-in-law’s decision to run again, the outlet reported.

    She has not appeared on the network since her father-in-law announced his third presidential bid in a Nov. 15 speech at his Mar-a-Lago residence. She commonly joined programs on the network to defend her father-in-law against criticism surrounding January 6 and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

    The network terminated the employment of former Trump-era White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders once she announced her gubernatorial bid in Arkansas, which she recently won. The former president’s daughter-in-law was hired to be a contributor despite hinting at the idea of running for Senate in North Carolina.

    Trump administration veterans on the network include former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who hosts the program “Outnumbered,” and paid contributor Kellyanne Conway.

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    Paul Pelosi Makes His First Public Appearance Since Hammer Attack



    Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made his first public appearance on Sunday at the Kennedy Center Honors after being attacked in late October.

    President Joe Biden made a fist pump to Paul Pelosi, who was seated nearby, as he was walking to his seat with first lady Jill Biden. Paul Pelosi was wearing a black hat as he recovers from injuries to his head.

    Daily Mail reported:

    That audience included Paul Pelosi, who joined his wife Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a box seat, more than a month after suffering a brutal hammer attack at his San Francisco home.

    Pelosi wore a black hat over his head and a glove on his left hand. He and Speaker Pelosi were seated next to Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, who have the speaker a kiss on the cheek.

    At one point, Paul Pelosi could be seen smiling and pointing toward the president, who smiled and gestured back. Kennedy Center Chairman David Rubenstein, during the taping of the show, pointed out Pelosi to the crowd.

    The audience – made up of lawmakers, donors to the Kennedy Center, and bold-faced political names – gave him a standing ovation. Paul Pelosi waved to the crowd.

    He chose to make his reappearance to public life at the taping of the 45th Kennedy Center Honors, which will air on CBS on December 28.

    This year’s honorees are actor George Clooney; singer-songwriter Amy Grant; singer Gladys Knight; Cuban-born American composer Tania León; and iconic Irish rock band U2, comprised of band members Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr.

    Paul Pelosi and Speaker Pelosi did not walk the red carpet of the gala, black-tie event, as they have in previous years.

    But the couple sat side-by-side inside the ornate Kennedy Opera House, where the Honors are taped.

    Pelosi suffered injuries to his head, arm, and hands during the brutal attack inside his home, ‘waking up in a pool of his own blood,’ according to charging documents.

    His appearance came at the top of a feel-good event event that celebrated talents of the screen and concert stage, and drew big name guests and presenters including Julia Roberts and Matt Damon.

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    WATCH: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Biden As Being Brain Damaged



    NBC‘s “Saturday Night Live” mocked President Joe Biden over the weekend as being brain damaged.

    “Weekend Update” host Michael Che made the joke after talking briefly about how the White House has tried to deal with a pending railway strike by signing a bill into law that makes a rail strike illegal.

    “President Biden signed a measure that would force railway workers to accept a deal that averts a strike but does not include paid sick leave,” Che said. “But how do you expect Biden to care about sick leave when he shows up to work every day with full-blown CTE?”

    Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a serious brain degeneration disorder that experts believe is likely caused by repeated head traumas, although much is still unknown about the condition, the Mayo Clinic reports. The diagnosis cannot even be made while a person is alive “except in those rare individuals with high-risk exposures.”

    Symptoms of CTE include memory loss, cognitive impairment, executive functioning impairment, risky and aggressive behavior, mood issues, and motor impairments.


    Biden said Friday morning at the ceremony to sign the bill, “The bill I’m about to sign ends a difficult rail dispute and helps our nation avoid what, without a doubt, would have been an economic catastrophe at a very bad time in the calendar.”

    Biden has repeatedly faced questions about his mental fitness for office as polls have shown that the majority of Americans are concerned about his mental wellbeing.

    Former White House physician, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who served in the role under the Obama and Trump administrations, said during an interview back in September that U.S. officials must explain to the American public what is going on with Biden’s mental fitness for office.

    “You know, it’s continued to get worse since he was candidate Joe Biden,” Jackson said. “When I first started talking about this, the American people have continued to have questions about a lot of his bizarre behaviors, this holding hands thing is one of them, the way he makes up stories, and he just repeatedly tells the stories that everyone has documented are not true, that happens pretty frequently. He has these emotional outbursts. He shuffles when he walks. He slurs his speech. He always looks frail and fragile. I just think it’s continued to get worse and worse.”

    “And I think that now the Democrats and the mainstream media now are starting to say, ‘we can’t ignore this a whole lot longer,’” Jackson continued. “At some point or another, we’re going to have to address this, we’re going to have to explain to the American people what’s going on, you know, I have to ask them multiple times to see his complete medical record for the American people to see it, for him to do cognitive tests.”

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    Chris Christie’s Niece Accused of Biting, Injuring Cops During Violent Plane Meltdown



    Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’ niece was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight and arrested after she accused a Latino family of “smuggling cocaine” — and allegedly injured six sheriff’s deputies, one of whom was bitten.

    Shannon Epstein, 25, alleged caused the ruckus on a 6 a.m. flight from New Orleans, Louisiana to New Jersey on Thanksgiving Day. She asked a Latino family sitting nearby if they were “smuggling cocaine,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jason Rivarde told NOLA.com.

    Epstein, the niece of the failed 2016 Republican presidential contender, grew angry and was being disruptive on the flight, the local outlet first reported Saturday.

    Airline workers decided to remove her from the plane, which had already left the gate.

    But Epstein allegedly refused to leave after the plane returned from the tarmac — and she became “extremely combative” when approached by deputies, the sheriff’s office told The Post.

    She injured six deputies while resisting arrest, Rivarde said, including biting one on the arm and breaking skin. She kicked another officer in the groin, he added.

    Epstein also threatened the officers, saying her uncle is friends with former President Donald Trump and that she knows powerful people, Rivarde said.

    “Throughout her entire interaction with deputies, she repeatedly stated that they would lose their jobs or be arrested because of her familial relationships,” Rivarde told The Post on Sunday.

    She ultimately had to be handcuffed to a wheelchair before being removed from the area.

    The brash-talking Garden State pol’s niece was charged with six counts of battery on a police officer, three counts of disturbing the peace, one of resisting arrest by force and one of remaining after forbidden, the outlet reported.

    She was released from Jefferson Parish Correction Center on Thanksgiving Day after putting up $10,750 in bail. Her next court appeared is schedule for Jan. 23, the site reported.

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    Parents of Murdered Idaho Student Say Two Victims’ ‘Means of Death Don’t Match’



    The way two of the four University of Idaho students were killed Nov. 13, “don’t match,” parents of slain student Kaylee Goncalves contend.

    “I’ll cut to the chase – their means of death don’t match.” Kaylee’s father, Steven Goncalves, told Fox News on Saturday.

    The grieving dad was pressed if he was referring to his daughter and her best friend, Madison Mogen, who was sleeping in the the same bed as Goncalves when the horrific attack occurred.

    “They don’t match,” he repeated. “Their points of damage don’t match.”

    “I’m just going to say it,” he continued. “It wasn’t leaked to me. I earned that. I paid for that funeral.”

    “I sent my daughter to college — she came back in a box,” he said. “I can speak on that.”

    The two 21-year-old college seniors were fatally stabbed in their home near the university’s campus along with roommate Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, also 20, in the early hours of Nov. 13. carn

    Three weeks later, police have not named any suspects or motive in the senseless slaughter.

    Goncalves’ family also told NewsNation on Friday that police were not being forthcoming providing information to the families of the victims — and that their investigation in some instances seems to have moved too quickly.

    “I just feel like there’s been a couple individuals that were cleared very fast that maybe should not have been,” said Kristi Goncalves, Kaylee’s mother.

    Police have said they cleared several people, including the person who made the 911 call and two other roommates in the house who were unharmed in the terrifying attack.

    In another interview, the heartbroken Steven Goncalves said the family has held off on holding a funeral service for Kaylee because the killer seems like the “sick kind of twisted person” who would show up to the service.

    “My wife’s biggest fear, part of the reason we didn’t have a funeral, is because she couldn’t be guaranteed that that monster was going to not be there,” he told ABC News early last week.

    The mystery killer has been on the loose for three weeks, leaving police in Moscow, Idaho, scrambling as parents of the victims grow more frustrated with the lack of answers.

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    Elon Musk Will Not Sign Autographs ‘Ever Again’ As He Warns Assassination Risk Is ‘Quite Significant’



    Twitter CEO Elon Musk told groveling paparazzi over the weekend night that he will “never again” sign autographs as he warned that the risk that someone will try to assassinate him is actually “quite significant.”

    Musk told the paparazzi that he would no longer sign autographs after he landed in at Dulles International Airport Saturday night, TMZ reported.

    “I want to be clear, I’m not doing any more signings ever again,” Musk said as he was surrounded by security guards.

    The news comes after Musk said during a chat on Twitter Spaces Saturday afternoon that the risk to his security has increased in recent months.

    Musk told listeners that he would “definitely” not “be doing any open-air car parades, let me put it that way,” Musk said. “Frankly the risk of something bad happening to me, or even literally being shot, is quite significant.”

    “It’s not that hard to kill somebody if you wanted to, so hopefully they don’t, and fate smiles upon the situation with me and it does not happen,” he added. “There’s definitely some risk there.”

    The comments from Musk come after he released internal company communications through journalist Matt Taibbi late last week that showed that the company had previously censored conservatives at the behest of the Democrat Party.

    Twitter’s former head of trust and safety claimed Friday night that Musk was putting people’s lives in danger by revealing the documents that showed how employees at the company had not only censored conservatives, but also censored the negative news story about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son in the run up to the 2020 election.

    “Publicly posting the names and identities of front-line employees involved in content moderation puts them in harm’s way and is a fundamentally unacceptable thing to do,” Roth posted on Mastodon.

    Musk said that he decided to release the information because it was “necessary to restore public trust” in the platform after it censored the New York Post’s bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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    Here’s How Much US Home Prices Will Plunge in Current Market Bubble: Expert



    US home prices will likely have to decline by as much as 20% over the course of a multi-year correction before the housing sector can get back on track with historical trends, a research firm warned this week.

    The most recent correction cycles that occurred in the US housing market, such as a bubble in the 1990s and the sector’s implosion in the mid-2000s, took several years to conclude, DataTrek Research co-founder Nicholas Colas said.

    In the current market, US home prices have only begun to fall in the last few months – suggesting the declines will continue for the foreseeable future.

    “US home prices need to fall by about 15-20 percent over the coming years in order to return to their long run growth trend. That process is clearly starting but has a good way to go,” Colas said in a note to investors this week obtained by Insider.

    Colas stated that peak home prices in June were 29% higher than their historical trend.

    US home prices surged to their highest level on record during a period of loose financial policy and low interest rates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But prices began a rapid descent this year as the Federal Reserve implemented interest rate hikes to cool inflation and slow the economy.

    Mortgage rates have more than doubled this year, briefly topping 7% in October for the first time in 20 years. As of Thursday, a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.49%, according to Freddie Mac.

    Increased rates have crushed home affordability for prospective buyers and forced sellers to slash their listing prices to jumpstart interest.

    “Higher mortgage rates will do part of the work in bringing prices back down, of course, but history says any correction in this market will take time,” Colas added.

    Colas’ prediction matched that of Pantheon Macroeconomics’ chief economist Ian Shepherdson, who has also projected a home price decline of up to 20% during the current correction.

    In a speech at the Brookings Institute earlier this week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell described conditions during a pandemic-era boom in the housing sector as a “bubble” that has since burst.

    “Coming out of the pandemic, rates were very low, people wanted to buy houses, they wanted to get out of the cities and buy houses in the suburbs because of COVID,” Powell said. “So you really had a housing bubble, you had housing prices going up very unsustainable levels and overheating and that kind of thing.”

    “Now the housing market will go through the other side of that and hopefully come out in a better place between supply and demand,” Powell added.

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    Secret Service Finds Records in Hunter Biden Gun Case After ‘Error’



    The Secret Service found more than 100 records that may be responsive to a lawsuit seeking details about an investigation into a gun-related incident involving Hunter Biden, according to a recent court filing.

    The disclosure marks a turn in the long-running Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case brought by Judicial Watch after the Secret Service previously walked back a statement that said it had found potentially responsive documents about communications regarding the discovery of a firearm owned by Biden that was found in a Delaware dumpster several years ago.

    Although Judicial Watch is casting the fresh development as evidence of the Secret Service being unable to get its story straight about the records, the joint filing between the conservative watchdog group and Homeland Security Department, which is the parent agency of the Secret Service, states that the two parties held consultations that led to further clarity on the scope of the request.

    “USSS initially responded to Judicial Watch on April 2, 2021, that it had located potentially responsive records and would process them in accordance with FOIA, but this response was sent in error. On October 13, 2022, USSS sent an updated letter to Judicial Watch to inform it that USSS had actually never located any records responsive to Plaintiff’s request after conducting a search and, thus, should have sent a no-records response on April 2, 2021 instead,” the filing says.

    “Since the Complaint was filed, the Parties have conferred about the intended scope of Judicial Watch’s FOIA request and, in response, USSS has run supplemental searches and located over 100 records, totaling over 400 pages, potentially responsive to Judicial Watch’s request under the clarified understanding of that request,” the filing adds.

    The joint filing, which was submitted last month in Washington, D.C., federal court, was published by Judicial Watch on Thursday.

    Judicial Watch initially filed its FOIA request after the Blaze reported a source who claimed Hallie Biden, the widow of then-presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Beau, took a handgun owned by Hunter and placed it into a trash can outside of a Delaware supermarket in October 2018. Hallie and Hunter, who was her brother-in-law, were dating at the time. At the behest of Hunter, after he had been informed of what she did, Hallie went to retrieve the firearm, but she found it missing, according to a police report obtained by Politico. Sources told the news outlet that the gun was returned days later by a man who regularly rummages through the grocery store’s garbage seeking recyclables.

    In text messages between the pair reported by the Washington Examiner, Hallie said she was worried Hunter would “use” the firearm. Hunter complained how he did not believe he would “ever recover from all of this,” noting that Hallie’s actions made it appear he had “threatened you and your family with a gun.” No arrests were made nor charges filed in connection with the incident, but there remains an air of mystery about the role played by the Secret Service, which was not providing protection to now-President Joe Biden at the time.

    Sources told Politico that Secret Service agents asked the owner of the store where Hunter purchased the gun, seeking paperwork about the sale, but the owner refused under suspicions that they wanted to conceal his ownership of the firearm. The Secret Service told the Washington Examiner last year it had “no involvement in this incident.” Hunter, who has struggled with drug addiction over the years, said “no” when asked if he was “an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance,” according to paperwork associated with the gun purchase.

    The Secret Service will complete its initial processing of records in the FOIA lawsuit by January 9, 2023, at which time the agency will give any responsive, non-exempt records to Judicial Watch, the November joint filing says. The Secret Service will continue to do so on a rolling, monthly basis as consultations with other Executive Branch entities take place, the filing adds.

    Upon publishing the filing to the group’s website, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton released a statement that said, “The Secret Service’s changing story on records raises additional questions about its role in the Hunter Biden gun incident. One thing is clear, Judicial Watch’s persistence means the public may get records that the Secret Service suggested didn’t exist.”

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    DOJ Investigated Tara Reade After She Accused Biden of Sexual Assault, Docs Show



    The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a subpoena probing Twitter for information on Tara Reade’s accounts in 2020 months after she issued allegations about being sexually assaulted by President Joe Biden in 1993, documents obtained by the Daily Caller show.

    The DOJ asked Twitter to testify before a grand jury on Dec. 16 of 2020 and provide “all subscriber information” from Reade’s accounts, according to emails and subpoena documents obtained by the Caller.

    The subpoena shows that Twitter was asked to provide information on two of Reade’s Twitter accounts, including @ReadeAlexandra and @TaraMcCabe.

    The requested information included the accounts’:

    1. Subscriber name;
    2. Address;
    3. Records of session times and durations, to include attempted/failed/unauthenticated logins;
    4. Length of service (including start date) and types of service utilized;
    5. Telephone or instrument number or other subscriber number or identity, including any temporarily assigned network address; and
    6. Means and source of payment for such service (including any credit card or bank account number)

    The DOJ, Twitter and Perkins Coie, the law firm representing Twitter for the subpoena, did not respond to the Caller when asked to verify the authenticity of the subpoena.

    Reade said she doesn’t “know why” her Twitter accounts were of interest to the FBI.

    “Other than coming forward about Joe Biden, there would be no reason for them to do that,” she said.

    The initial grand jury date was July 9 of 2020, but a lawyer representing Twitter, Hayden Schottlaender of Perkins Coie, spoke with Reade on Dec. 8 of 2020 to inform her of the subpoena, emails show.

    Schottlaender told Reade over the phone that Twitter fought the subpoena in court and “then had to file a motion” to inform her it “was happening,” Reade told the Caller, saying that’s why it took months for the social media company to go forward with the subpoena.

    Schottlaender asked her if she intends to file a motion to “quash” the subpoena, and said that Twitter otherwise intended “to comply.”

    “To recap our conversations to date, I represent Twitter and have contacted you to inform you that Twitter received the attached subpoena from the United States Department of Justice, seeking data related to your Twitter account(s). The subpoena issues in a sealed proceeding,” Schottlaender wrote to Reade over email.

    “As I mentioned, Twitter intends to comply with this subpoena on December 16, 2020, unless it receives notice from you that a motion to quash or otherwise invalidate this subpoena has been filed. If you do file any such motions, please send a copy directly to me at this email address. If, on the other hand, you have no concerns with Twitter producing the requested data, please similarly let me know,” Schottlaender added in his email to Reade.

    Reade told the Caller that she did not file a motion to “quash” the proceeding, because she did not have the money or the proper attorney.

    The initial grand jury date was scheduled a few months after Reade said she filed a police report in April of 2020 about Biden allegedly sexually assaulting her. She said she filed an internal sexual harassment report after the alleged incident in 1993, and finally came forward to the police in 2020 after speaking to a trauma expert.

    Reade alleged that Biden sexually assaulted her in a Senate corridor in 1993 when she was his Senate aide by pinging her against a wall and reaching under her clothing before sexually violating her.

    To corroborate her claims, Reade has pointed out that several people close to her have said she told them about the alleged sexual assault over the years. She also said her mother called into “Larry King Live” in August of 1993 and asked host Larry King what her daughter could do other than go to the press with “problems” she encountered after working for a “prominent Senator.”

    Audio confirms that a woman did call in to the show at the time, and Reade has claimed that the woman on the line is her mother.

    Biden’s spokespeople have repeatedly denied the allegations over the years.

    Those who worked alongside Reade in Biden’s Senate office denied knowing that any sexual misconduct took place, the New York Times reported in 2020, citing interviews with the former staffers. Critics of Reade point to that she could not remember details about the incident, including the exact time, date and location of the alleged sexual assault. Biden supporters also have argued that Reade writing four op-eds in the Russian publication RT and a 2020 probe into Reade allegedly providing a false statement under oath to undermine her credibility.

    The 2020 probe was completed with no charges filed, according to the Intercept, and Reade told the Caller that her “political opinions about Russia are simply not relevant to what happened.”

    “I was proud of the handful of op-eds that were published. I tried to have one published in the New York Times but it was rejected. Bottom line, I was Joe Biden’s full time staffer in 1993 when he sexually harassed and assaulted me. Any other conversation about what I thought or even who I worked with now is irrelevant to the crime he committed in 1993 and as to why Biden has never even been investigated,” Reade said.

    Reade told the Caller that she would be willing to testify under oath about her allegations, and called on the GOP-majority House to launch an investigation. She said an official investigation has never taken place.

    If Biden’s former Senate staff “had to go under oath, I think they would have to admit something very different,” Reade said.

    “I think we need to have the conversation instead of me being erased,” she added, saying that silencing her is hurting other women who may want to come forward.

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    Elon Musk Vows ‘More Smoking Guns’ from Twitter After Hunter Biden Bombshell



    One day after Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk and journalist Matt Taibbi released a bombshell report on political censorship at Twitter, Musk said that there are “more smoking guns” he plans to reveal in the future.

    He said he hopes that by showing how Twitter worked to suppress information — like it did with The Post’s expose on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 — it will force mainstream media to be more committed to the truth.

    “We’re just gonna put all the information out there try to get a clean slate we will be iteratively better and it will force other media companies to also be more truthful or else they’ll lose their readership,” Musk said in a live Twitter Space Question and Answer session, which tens of thousands of users tuned into.

    On Friday, Taibbi published a shocking collection of internal communications revealing that Democrat insiders communicated with Twitter to suppress The Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

    Musk said Saturday that he believes there are “more smoking guns” at Twitter he wants to share with the public — but said it’s not clear when the information will be released.

    However, he noted that he has “not been poring over the Twitter files personally,” he said, instead leaving that to Taibbi and journalist Bari Weiss.

    Despite not reviewing the documents themselves, Musk said it appears there were “a very different standard applied to Republican candidates in the US versus a Democrat candidates,” on Twitter.

    “I’m not saying this is definitely the case. There appears to have been a double standard where Democrats were not censored … and Republicans were and it was and I think this is frankly obvious to anyone who uses Twitter.

    “It’s frankly the the behavior that is to be expected from an organization that is that is based in San Francisco which is far left,” he said, noting that political contributions from Twitter were over 99% Democrat.

    “Well, what kind of viewpoint would you expect people to have then? It’s the behavior you would expect from a company that is essentially a distillation of San Francisco politics.”

    Twitter’s former chief censor Vijaya Gadde will come under Judiciary Committee scrutiny when Republicans take control of the House in January — as fallout from the first installment of Musk’s findings of political favoritism and censorship at Twitter continues to mount.

    “We’re tracking Vijaya Gadde’s role in the suppression of the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop,” a committee spokesperson told The Post on Saturday. “We absolutely plan to investigate this more. Stay tuned.”

    Gadde, 48, Twitter’s former head of legal, policy, and trust, played a “key role” in suppressing The Post’s Hunter Biden coverage, Taibbi wrote after his review of the social media company’s internal communications for a report he called “The Twitter Files.”

    The ex-exec, who also played an instrumental role in the company’s decision to ban former President Trump from the platform, was fired by Musk in October shortly after he purchased the company for $44 billion.

    Gadde — who landed an influential administration post in an advisory committee to the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency while still a Twitter employee — reportedly earned $17 million in 2021.

    Musk reveled in the traffic that Taibbi’s Friday document drop was generating for his newly acquired site.

    “Twitter servers are running at Warp 9!!” he exulted early Saturday.

    Taibbi’s report revealed that a small group of top-level execs chose to label The Post’s story about the son of then-candidate Joe Biden as “hacked material” without any evidence — and repeatedly bowed to Democrats’ demands to excise all discussion of the explosive report from the site.

    According to Taibbi, the social media company “took extraordinary steps to suppress” the laptop story, removing links to the expose shared by users and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.”

    In other news:

    • Mainstream journalists — in lockstep with Democratic strategists — smeared Taibbi as a “sad” “fraud” for working with Musk to substantiate the internal documents. “Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth,” Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali posted. “Matt Taibbi always was, and still remains, a fraud,” wrote Dem pollster Matt McDermott.
    • Both the New York Times and the Washington Post refused so far to cover the Twitter firestorm, earning Musk’s ire. “The New York Times has become, for all intents and purposes, an unregistered lobbying firm for far-left politicians,” Musk wrote on Twitter after radio host Clay Travis pointed out the glaring absence from the two newspapers’ websites.
    • Furious Republicans blasted Twitter’s partisan censors. “Leftists hate your freedom,” tweeted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who compared their suppression to that of the Chinese Communist Party. “They want to silence all dissent.” Meanwhile, tech investor and GOP donor Peter Thiel cheered the report. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant!” Thiel told The Post.
    • Actor James Woods, who Taibbi found was targeted for Twitter censorship at the behest of the Democratic National Committee, threatened to lead a class action lawsuit against the social media giant and the DNC. “How would you like to fund a class action suit for those who were suppressed?” Woods asked Musk in a tweet that thanked the billionaire for making the documents public. “I’ll be happy to be lead plaintiff.”
    • Twitter may have interfered in another national election as well, Musk said: the Oct. 30 contest in Brazil, where left wing stalwart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ousted far right President Jair Bolsonaro.. “It’s possible that Twitter personnel gave preference to left wing candidates,” Musk tweeted early Saturday in response to a user who asked him to find out whether the platform had meddled in any other nation’s politics.
    • French President Emmanuel Macron met with Musk during his tour of New Orleans late Friday, pressing him to reinforce Twitter’s content moderation. “We will work with Twitter to improve the protection of children online,” Macron posted. “Elon Musk confirmed it to me today. Let’s better protect our children online.”

    Musk, 51, the world’s richest man, purchased Twitter last month in order to transform it into a haven for free speech.

    Musk has insisted full disclosure is needed on the company’s controversial choice to block The Post’s bombshell report about President Biden’s son ahead of the 2020 election — and has been teasing the release of the internal files for days.

    After Musk’s blockbuster takeover of Twitter, its top advertisers fled the site, devastating the company’s revenue. On Saturday, Musk confirmed that Apple — the platform’s historically and presently biggest advertiser — had returned, among others.

    “I think we’re starting to see a lot of other advertisers also resume their spending,” Musk said in the Twitter Space Q&A. “I think that the problem is that they would read all these stories in the media and then think that they were true and they’re not true.”

    Musk said advertisers are returning as “it’s becoming clear that the media stories about Twitter being some sort of, like, right wing hellscape, which it absolutely isn’t,” are unfounded, adding that he’s “cautiously optimistic about the future” of the company.

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    California Man Arrested for Throwing Molotov Cocktail Towards Officer



    A 32-year-old man allegedly tossed a Molotov cocktail at police in Corning, California, earlier this week — after which an off-duty officer tackled the suspect, KRCR-TV reported.

    However, when the suspect continued to resist arrest, police used baton strikes and “pain-compliance techniques” in order to subdue him.

    Officers said they heard loud banging outside the police department on Third Street just after 5:30 p.m. Wednesday and saw Cassidy Russ walking toward Solano Street, the station said.

    Police said Russ was fumbling with an item near his waistband while walking away and ignoring officers, KRCR reported — and that’s when he lit a Molotov cocktail, threw it toward an officer, and ran away west on Solano Street.

    The Molotov cocktail missed the officer and exploded near a parked vehicle, police said in a press release.

    Officers chased Russ on foot and in a patrol car, the station said, before an off-duty officer finally tackled him.

    Police said Russ resisted arrest by concealing his hands in his waistband and backpack, KRCR reported.

    Officers then used baton strikes and “pain-compliance techniques” as he continued to resist arrest, police said, adding that officers eventually were able to get him into handcuffs.

    Police said Russ had an active arrest warrant for a previous incident in late July when he threw a Molotov cocktail near a staging area for marked patrol cars, the station said.

    Russ was booked into the Tehama County Jail on several charges including attempted murder, possession of an explosive device, arson, battery on a peace officer, and resisting arrest, KRCR reported.

    He is being held without bail and is set to appear in court Dec. 6, Fox News reported.

    Corning is about three hours northeast of San Francisco.

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    WATCH: Fugitive Hiding Under Mattress Opens Fire on Cops. It Doesn’t End Well for Suspect.



    Oklahoma City police bodycam video caught the terrifying moment when a fugitive who was hiding under a mattress in a travel trailer opened fire on officers who were searching for him. Police released video of the Nov. 15 incident Monday.

    Police said they were notified around 10:25 a.m. that a man with an out-of-state felony warrant was in a travel trailer on Iron Road. KOKH-TV said it was a burglary warrant.

    Officers learned the suspect, Timothy Johnson, had been seen entering the trailer, and officers were told he had not come out.

    Police told the station that Jennifer Garner let three officers into her trailer to search for Johnson.

    “This is the police department,” Officer Elisa McCoy is heard saying, according to KOKH. “If you are in here, you need to make yourself known.”

    Amid their search, officers lifted a mattress that covered a storage area — and they saw Johnson with a gun hiding in the space under the mattress.

    With that, Johnson opened fire on the officers, all of whom returned fire; video shows that two of the three officers got out of the trailer while one stayed inside.

    Moments later the two officers went back inside the trailer and ordered Johnson — who was hollering, presumably in pain — to come out with his hands up.

    Suddenly more gunfire erupted, and officers again returned fire — and one of them announced to the other two, “I’m hit! I’m hit!”

    The officers again told Johnson to give himself up, but there was no response. With that, all of the officers got out of the trailer.

    Police said the department’s Tactical Unit was activated and responded to the scene.

    After attempts to contact Johnson were unsuccessful, police said the Tactical Unit entered the trailer and found Johnson dead. KOKH said it wasn’t released if Johnson’s death was self-inflicted.

    The officer who said earlier he was hit was struck in the face by flying debris during the exchange of gunfire, police said, adding that the officer was treated at an area hospital and released.

    All three officers were placed on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation, police said.

    KOKH noted that it’s unclear how Johnson and Garner knew each other, but Garner was arrested for harboring a fugitive. Police said that Garner was aware that Johnson was hiding in the trailer with a gun.

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    Starbucks Fans Furious Over New ‘Awkward’ Tipping System



    Starbucks recently rolled out a new tipping system that allows customers who are paying with card to leave the barista a tip. The new system is ruffling feathers, with baristas saying that it is awkward to ask customer’s if they are choosing to leave a tip.

    The new tipping feature getting rolled out across North America prompts customers who paid by card to have the option to leave a $1, $2, “other amount” or “no tip” after they have inserted their card to pay for their beverage or baked good.

    Not everyone is happy about the new tip system, including employees, who took to TikTok to express how uncomfortable it makes them feel.

    TikTok user @greenfanclub posted a now removed video on Nov. 21 showing herself working at the Starbucks drive-thru window and hiding the card machine with the tipping display open.

    “When the new tipping system comes out” the video reads. She captioned the video with “social anxiety #baristaproblems.”

    With more than 6.7 million views, the viral video prompted a discussion on tipping food service workers.

    In another viral social media post, a Reddit user and Starbucks barista shared why the new tipping system is “awkward” for employees and customers.

    “I hate the new tipping on the credit card thing… drive thrus are the worst. It’s awkward putting my hand out and waiting for them to realize what it says on the screen…” Reddit user, Swimming_Ad_2163 wrote. “I get it might be more convenient for people who don’t carry cash, but it’s just awkward…”

    Many claimed that Starbucks should simply pay their employees more rather than rely on customers for tips.

    “Did Starbucks really add a tipping service?!?! They just need to pay their employees more via their ridiculously expensive products,” one user wrote.

    “I’m all for this tipping system as long as it’s a small business. Definitely slapping the no tip for a Starbucks,” another added.

    “Here’s a tip – you’re charging 6 bucks for caffeine and sugar. Your employer has your tip,” another wrote.

    Some disagreed, sharing that they would happily leave the barista a tip.

    “FINALLY! I’m so happy you guys take those now—I always feel so bad when I don’t have cash,” one user wrote.

    “Also let me tip you! I will 100% tip because I don’t know how to make a fancy coffee,” one person said.

    A spokesperson for Starbucks said that the popular coffee shop is “rolling out” card tipping across the U.S.

    “Starbucks is rolling out the ability for customers to tip for credit card transactions at the register in the café and drive-thru. This capability began at select stores in the U.S. in September 2022 and will continue to roll out to all stores where this can apply through the end of the year.” Starbucks said in a statement. “It’s our goal to allow our customers to recognize baristas no matter what payment method they use, and we’re excited to bring this new enhancement to stores.”.

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    HS Students Perform in Drag for Teachers During Secret Event. Parents Outraged.



    A high school in New Jersey recently held a secret drag show in which students performed for a select group of teachers leading to outrage in the local parent community, Libs of TikTok has revealed.

    The event took place on Oct 27 at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ, and was put on by the school’s PULSE (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone) club. The local community only learned about the students performing in secret for their teachers after an email was leaked to The New Jersey Project, a local parental rights organization.

    “The PULSE students are putting on an invite only (psst – this is your invite) Drag Show in the Little Theater block 5 today,” read the email from faculty advisor Heather Baldwin. “If you would like to come and support the students in their efforts to create fun drag looks, please feel free to drop by and join us.”

    According to Libs of TikTok, only a select few faculty were invited to the event which involved a professional drag performer called Phoebe Manntrappe, but no parents or students received an invitation. One witness said, “a teacher stood watch outside the door to the theatre while the show was going on to ensure those not invited would not enter.”

    Parents and faculty voiced their anger about the secret event at a board of education meeting held Monday.

    “Instead of our students being engaged in academic time, they were applying makeup and changing into their drag costumes. This was a loss of over 30 minutes of instructional time for these students,” said one teacher before going on to say that the decision had “created significant confusion, division and resentment between students.”

    A parent took to the podium to blast the board for what he called the “evil” taking place “behind closed doors.”

    “It looks like we’ve put a whole new meaning to the word adult entertainment here, haven’t we board?” he said. “Adult entertainment used to mean adults going to strip clubs watching other adults engaged in sexual behavior. Well, now thanks to this board, we see adult entertainment as a bunch of high school staff watching young children for their entertainment.”

    “I believe that the reason for the educational deterioration in America is a preoccupation with ideology and sexuality at the expense of academia,” said another father to applause from those assembled. “You take this drag queen performance as an example. Not only were students taken out of the class to prepare for the performance, but they would have been unable to focus on their studies in any class during the day while their minds were preoccupied imagining about this performance.”

    “The question is, is this an academic institution or is this an ideological institution?” he asked, which earned more approval from those in attendance. “If I were to identify as an elephant, or wanted to change into an elephant, that would be okay if I was a toddler, but as an adult, a real academic institution would teach me that it was scientifically and biologically impossible. That would, in fact, be a mental disorder and I shouldn’t be referred for psychiatric help.”

    But a school psychologist defended the clandestine event, arguing that he sees “tremendous value in the support offered by the PULSE club and events such as the drag show.”

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    Mormon Prophet’ Had 20 Wives as Young as Nine Including His Own Daughter, FBI Says



    An Arizona polygamist cult leader had 20 wives aged as young as nine, married his own daughter, and drove his spouses around in a trailer with a bucket for a toilet, it is claimed.

    A new FBI affidavit has revealed shocking allegations against Bentley-driving Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, who was arrested in Arizona earlier this year.

    Samuel Rappylee Bateman, 46, is accused by witnesses of ‘marrying’ up to 20 women and girls as young as nine, including his own daughter, according to the affidavit filed on Friday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

    He has been in federal custody on obstruction charges since his September arrest, which unfolded after Bateman was pulled over by cops while transporting underage girls inside a squalid trailer furnished with a couch and a bucket for a toilet.

    Bateman leads a splinter group of the radical Mormon offshoot Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS — but Bateman is apparently so extreme that he has been denounced even by former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, a convicted child rapist.

    The FBI affidavit, filed in the Eastern District of Washington, outlines sickening allegations of incest, group sex acts involving adults and underage children, and child sex trafficking.

    FBI Agent Dawn A. Martin, citing witness statements, writes in the filing that Bateman ‘began to proclaim he was a prophet’ and declared his intention to marry his own teenage daughter in 2019.

    The affidavit states that Bateman has since gathered ‘approximately 50 followers and more than 20 wives, many of whom are minors, mostly under the age of 15.’

    Evidence cited in the affidavit includes recordings of Bateman himself, speaking to a couple in Colorado City, Arizona, who do outreach to the polygamy community there and are filming a documentary.

    In one example cited in the document, Bateman told the couple that ‘Heavenly Father’ had instructed him in early November 2021 to ‘give the most precious thing he has, his girls’ virtue,’ to three of his adult male followers.

    Bateman then allegedly watched as the three men had sex with his daughters, one of whom was just 12, according to the affidavit.

    Bateman allegedly commented that the girls had ‘sacrificed their virtue for the Lord,’ and went on to say: ‘God will fix their bodies and put the membrane back in their body. I’ve never had more confidence in doing his will. It’s all out of love.’

    The affidavit further alleges that in late 2020, Bateman drove to the Colorado City couple’s home ‘in a large SUV packed with women and girls,’ where he ‘introduced everyone as his wives.’

    The youngest of the so-called ‘wives’ was a girl born in 2011, Agent Martin wrote, meaning the girl would have been nine at the oldest.

    The affidavit also notes that Bateman owned two Bentleys, though it seems his ‘wives’ traveled in less style.

    Bateman’s initial encounter with the law came in August, when he was pulled over by a state trooper in northern Arizona towing a box trailer ‘full of people including children,’ according to AZFamily.com.

    The trooper saw ‘children’s small fingers moving in the gap of the rear trailer door’ as he pulled up behind the trailer, according to a police statement.

    Police said there were three girls in the trailer, all between the ages of 11 and 14 years old, along with a couch, camper chairs, and a toilet made from a bucket. With Bateman in the SUV towing the trailer were two women and two girls under the age of 15.

    Bateman was later arrested and charged locally with three counts of child abuse.

    Federal prosecutors say that while he was being held in the Coconino County Jail in Flagstaff on those local charged, he talked to his supporters in Colorado City and instructed them to delete communications sent through the encrypted messaging app Signal, and demanded all women and girls obtain passports.

    Bateman posted bond on the state charges, but weeks later he was hit with a federal indictment charging him with three counts of destroying or attempting to destroy records, and tampering with criminal proceedings, in reference to his instructions to his followers.

    He pleaded not guilty in U.S. Magistrate Court in Flagstaff

    Federal prosecutor Patrick Schneider said in September that the state child welfare agency had removed children from Bateman’s home in Colorado City, where the FBI had recently served a search warrant.

    Bateman has not been charged with sex crimes against children, though the new FBI affidavit said the FBI has probable cause to believe he and others transported minors between Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Nebraska to engage in illicit sexual conduct between May 2020 and November 2021.

    Bateman was a former member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS, until he left in recent years and started his own small offshoot group, said Sam Brower, who has spent years investigating the group.

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    Scientist Who Worked at Wuhan Lab Says COVID Was Man-Made Virus



    A scientist who worked at a controversial research lab in China has claimed that COVID was a man-made virus that leaked from the facility, according to a report.

    Andrew Huff, who worked for a New York-based non-profit that studied viruses, said COVID leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China two-plus years ago and blamed authorities for the “biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11,” Britain’s The Sun reported Saturday.

    The lab has been at the center of fierce debates about the origins of COVID, with both Chinese government officials and lab personnel denying that the virus leaked from the facility.

    Huff, an epidemiologist, said in his new book, “The Truth About Wuhan,” that the pandemic was the result of the US government’s funding of coronaviruses in China.

    He said that China’s gain-of-function experiments were carried out with lax security, which led to a leak at the Wuhan lab.

    “Foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” he said in his book, which was exclusively excerpted in the newspaper.

    Over the last two years, increasing evidence has suggested that the virus was leaked from the lab.

    Some experts believe that the virus could have escaped through an infected scientist or the improper disposal of waste from the facility. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, told a European politician that he feared that the virus escaped from the lab in “a catastrophic accident” in 2019, according to a report in the Daily Mail earlier this year.

    Huff is a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based non-profit that studies infectious diseases. The group has been studying different coronaviruses in bats for more than a decade with funding from the National Institutes of Health, and had forged close ties to the Wuhan lab.

    Huff, who worked at EcoHealth Alliance from 2014 to 2016, said that the non-profit helped the Wuhan lab put together the “best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species” for many years.

    “China knew from day one that this was a genetically engineered agent,” Huff wrote. “The US government is to blame for the transfer of dangerous biotechnology to the Chinese.

    “I was terrified by what I saw,” the army veteran from Michigan told The Sun. “We were just handing them bioweapon technology.”

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology, a state-run and funded research facility home to China’s riskiest coronavirus research, has been under immense pressure by the ruling Chinese Communist Party to produce scientific breakthroughs to raise China’s global status despite lacking resources, according to a recent investigation published by ProPublica/Vanity Fair.

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    Trump Reacts to Hunter Biden ‘Twitter Files’



    Former President Donald Trump reacted to the release of “The Twitter Files” on Saturday by saying, “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution.”

    Twitter CEO Elon Musk released internal company documents through journalist Matt Taibbi about the company’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story during the 2020 presidential election that showed that top officials at the company were in regular contact with Democrats and censored content that Democrats wanted removed.


    Trump responded to the release of the files in a series of messages on Truth Social, writing late Friday night: “Wow! That’s a really big story about Twitter and various forms of government Fraud including, specifically, Election Fraud.”

    “The same level of Fraud took place with the other Big Tech companies, if not even worse (if that’s possible?),” he continued. “We are living in a VERY CORRUPT COUNTRY &, AS THEY ARE SAYING ALL OVER THE INTERNET, ‘NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT BECAUSE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT & FBI ARE TOTALLY CORRUPT.’ But they’ll keep investigating ‘boxes’ that were legally & openly taken from the W.H.”

    Trump again commented on the matter Saturday morning, writing: “So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION?”

    “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump declared. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

    The files released by Taibbi showed that Biden’s team flagged tweets for the platform to be removed.

    In one instance, Twitter responded to a request to remove the tweets, “Handled these.”

    When the New York Post released their explosive exposé on Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 election, “Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be ‘unsafe,’” Taibbi said.

    “They even blocked its transmission via direct message, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography,” he continued.

    Taibbi explained that Twitter used their “hacked materials” policy to justify their actions in stopping the story from being spread on the platform.

    “Although several sources recalled hearing about a ‘general’ warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there’s no evidence – that I’ve seen – of any government involvement in the laptop story. In fact, that might have been the problem,” he tweeted. “The decision was made at the highest levels of the company, but without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey, with former head of legal, policy and trust Vijaya Gadde playing a key role.”

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    Toby Keith Gives Update on ‘Debilitating’ Stomach Cancer



    Toby Keith confesses his battle with stomach cancer is “pretty debilitating” in his first interview since revealing his diagnosis earlier this year.

    “I’m thinking about getting back into fighting shape,” the “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” singer, 61, says in a sneak peek of this weekend’s CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “I need a little bit of time to just rest up and heal up.”

    Keith adds, “It’s pretty debilitating to have to go through all that, but as long as everything stays hunky-dory, then we’ll look at something good in the future.”

    In June, the “A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action” singer announced he was stepping away from music undergo cancer treatment.

    “Last fall I was diagnosed with stomach cancer,” Keith shared at the time. “I’ve spent the last 6 months receiving chemo, radiation and surgery. So far, so good. I need time to breathe, recover and relax.”

    In recent months, the country superstar has been hinting at his return by venturing out publicly more.

    In November, Keith surprised fans at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Lexington, Ky., with a performance of songs like “I Love This Bar” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.”

    That same month, he was honored with the BMI Icon Award at the 2022 BMI Awards, where artists like Carrie Underwood and Eric Church sang a tribute for him.

    Earlier this week, Keith posted a sweet photo of himself on Instagram with a young cancer patient, writing alongside it, “Thumbs up if you’re celebrating #GivingTuesday by donating to the @tkfoundation1!

    “Your donations make the OK Kids Korral possible, a home away from home for children battling cancer and their families.”

    In 2006, Keith established the Toby Keith Foundation, which provides support for children with cancer.

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    WATCH: Kanye West Associate Nick Fuentes Gets into Food Fight at In-N-Out Burger



    Nick Fuentes was caught throwing his drink at a couple inside an In-N-Out after getting into an argument.

    Fuentes, 24, was dining at the Los Angeles burger joint when he was approached by a couple who quickly got into a row with the known supremacist, a witness said.

    It is unclear what the group was fighting over, but the couple, who are not seen in the clip, reportedly got so angry they threw ketchup cups at Fuentes and his friends, TMZ reported.

    Fuentes has been at the forefront of American media for the past few weeks after he was seen walking through a Miami airport with Kanye West and going to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

    However, on Saturday, Fuentes reportedly denied being himself, according to a woman who filmed him.

    ‘It is Nick Fuentes,’ the woman said as she filmed him, who was wearing a suit. ‘He pretended that it wasn’t him, but it’s really him.’

    Fuentes and his group appeared to be leaving the restaurant when the woman said: ‘What the f**k? F**k Nick Fuentes. You racist.’

    In another video, Fuentes can be seen standing at his table calmly, before out-of-the-blue, he threw his drink toward across the restaurant, the liquid spraying everyone nearby.

    The drink reportedly did not hit the couple, who he was aiming at, as they were leaving the establishment.

    Fuentes left five minutes later and the police were not called, according to TMZ.

    Since dining at Mar-a-Lago, Trump said he didn’t know who Fuentes was when he dined with him and West in Florida, and that Fuentes’ extreme views were not discussed at the table.

    ‘I had no idea what his views were, and they weren’t expressed at the table in our very quick dinner, or it wouldn’t have been accepted,’ Trump said on Fox News.

    Trump called the meeting ‘uneventful.’

    In a video posted after the meeting, scandal-hit West – now known as Ye – said he told Trump he was considering running for president in 2024 and that the ex-president should be his running mate.

    The former president, who declared his own White House bid two weeks ago, was ‘basically screaming,’ the rapper said in his Twitter video titled ‘Mar-a-Lago debrief.’

    ‘He tried to f*** me. He’s crazy. He can’t beat me,’ Trump reportedly said to allies after the dinner, according to NBC News.

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